Ariel Cohen

Strategic Advisory

Ariel Cohen and Associates brings decades of business strategy experience across the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. With our dynamic team of economists, journalists, scholars, and former policymakers, our interventions can be tailor-made to fit a diverse array of strategic objectives.

Global Markets and Risk Assessment

Ariel Cohen and Associates provides political risk and geopolitical assessments to produce effective market entry strategies. Our team has years of experience in analyzing complex political, security, regulatory, economic, and cultural variables that affect business operations and the bottom line.

Expert Witness for Law Firms

Ariel Cohen and Associates provides expert opinions for law firms engaged in complex litigation and arbitration proceedings involving emerging markets and politically sensitive immigration/political asylum cases. We specialize in anti-corruption strategies and the rule of law in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.



Energy Policy


Middle East

Russia and Eurasia

21st Century Security

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